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What is the process of creating website?

Website creation process consists several stages. Below we will describe the standard stages of creating a website. Although each project is of course created individually, we stick to these stages to ensure better collaboration and a smoother work process.

1. Getting to know customer's requirements and wishes

We start the website development process by defining the client’s needs and wishes. We send the client a small form with a few questions to understand the purpose of the website.

  • Will it be a portfolio website?
  • Will it be an ecommerce shop to sell products online?
  • Will it be a booking platform?

2. Analysis of competitor

After getting to know the client’s requirements and wishes, we analyze the client’s offer and the target group to which the website or online store will be dedicated. We will do a research about industry (competitor website analysis) and the specifics of the company’s operation. Website design becomes clearer by analyzing a competitor’s website, looking at examples to understand the strengths of the client’s company. Analyzing competitors’ websites is the best way to avoid mistakes in creating a project.

3. Planning

After competitor analyse we create individual offer and send it to the customer by e-mail. At this stage, we also include all the costs that have to be accounted when creating a website.

4. Signing the contract

After the approval of the website offer will be made contract including information about specific services we will provide and the price. Signing the contract and making the first payment is the signal for us to start the work of building the website.

5. Work process

The website building process usually takes two to four weeks. The time it takes to create a website depends on its complexity, the number of subpages and the amount of content displayed on the website. Of course during the creation we inform the client about the progress of the work.

5. Ready website

We hand over to the client a ready website with all functions and the chosen design. After creation, we give the customer the opportunity to make corrections if there are any things that are not satisfactory or would like it to be different. When the corrections have been made and everything satisfies the client, we provide a small training on how to handle the website’s CRM system, so that the client himself can make some changes later.

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